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Ryan Mero
Photography Assistant

"To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event."

Clive Shalice

Ryan was introduced to me by a friend and fellow photographer at a time when I was in need of an assistant for an upcoming job. The project in question was complex and detailed and required someone with an innate understanding of the nuances of a pressured situation. Ryan and I developed a great partnership very quickly and his dedication and attention to the job was exemplary which in turn enabled me to focus on the fundamentals of photography and film-making. 

Ryan is a pleasure to have around on shoots and always keeps the mood positive and light whilst ensuring the job in hand is conscientiously and diligently adhered to. A lovely chap and a great team player!

Paul Winter

Intelligent, supportive, friendly and practical. I could continue with this list but I don't want to embarrass Ryan. If you are planning a photo or film shoot, make sure you have Ryan as part of your crew. His ability to think ahead and apply his good ol' fashioned common sense makes him invaluable to any production.

Sophie Sheinwald

I really enjoyed working with Ryan. He was recommended by a fellow photographer and I immediately booked him again when I saw how professional and easygoing he was.

Thank you Ryan. A pleasure to recommend you.
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