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Being a freelance photography assistant in Brighton

Updated: Feb 8

I started my journey as a freelance photography assistant in Brighton last year and have not looked back. This is such an amazing industry with incredibly talented people who are equally as kind. I have worked with and learned from photographers and videographers who just have so much knowledge and insights that are priceless and can't be taught or learned anywhere else, other than on the job.

Assisting Paul Winter on a small location shoot in Brighton

This time last year I was working in an office, realising that office work wasn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I was lucky enough to know a local photographer who has helped me set up and start my journey as an assistant photographer. It wasn't an easy transition to make from steady paycheque to self employment - quite scary actually! But it has certainly been equally exciting, interesting and worth it.

What I've learned so far

Well, there's a lot! but mainly I would say that assisting is a fluid role. It depends on who you are assisting and where you are assisting. It should be the assistants goal to make the photographers life easier. The only fixed answer I can think of is that assisting is trying to be one step ahead and being ready before the person you are assisting needs something.

It's also about building friendships. Working with awesome people is a great part of the life of an assistant. So far everyone I have met and worked for have been nothing but kind and very helpful in providing knowledge and know-how.

I can't wait to see what 2023 has in store, who I'm going to meet, who I'm going to work with again and what I'm going to learn. Here's hoping 2023 is great to us all folks.

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